About me

I am a financial analyst turned journalist turned mom turned writer. And all of this happened in less than a decade.

An emigrant at heart, I feel a stranger everywhere but in airports. I speak Italian with my children, French with the husband and English with most of the people I like. Confused and lost in translation as I probably am, I still hope to find a way to cope with the multiple lives the average woman has to compress into one.

I write mainly of the expat condition, which is to me less a contingency than a self-inflicted destiny and of my sailing through my 30s.



  1. Three languages… wow, I manage two, English and Italish. Italish is my own dialect of Italian, I don’t bother with gender, formal / informal and often plural. To practice Italish, you need to be a great mime artist, or no one will understand. πŸ™‚

    1. Well, to be honest beside Italian I speak Brusselsized English and French. Brussels French won’t always be understandable to French and Brussels English is intelligible to everyone but Brits πŸ™‚ So all together they probably make a full 2 languages. I don’t know if you have children or nephews or anyone close to you who is in school because English teachers in Italy deserve a post! (Mine was from Gaeta, a small town on the coast between Rome and Naples and spoke a language strongly resembling Fabio Capello’s Englian – don’t know if you are a football fan).

      1. heh heh,

        Ok, Mrs Sensible is an English teacher, even though she is Italian, her English is better than mine. But I know what you mean, I have met many of her colleagues and they still teach, onena twoa tree for 1 2 3. A friend of mine has a daughter at school, she has 3 languages, Italian, English and school English.

    1. Ahahah! Very good question! I wrote the About section very impulsively on a November night. I think what I meant then was that I am obliged to speak French all the time because I live in a French speaking city but English is my “heart language”, the one I feel most comfortable with, although it’s not the one I speak best. So my favorite friends tend to be English speakers, as are my favorite books, tv, films etc…is it any clearer?:-)

      1. Very interesting. πŸ™‚ Although sometimes I wonder if the languages I know limit more than they help, since I am automatically more “friendly” towards the media in those languages and tend to ignore other ones, you know?

      2. Yes, I see what you mean. In my case, knowledge doesn’t always rhyme with friendliness. Regarding the mere command of the language, French is without doubts my second language (in terms of vocabulary, grammar etc.). Yet a language is more than grammatical correctness, it’s also part of a whole cultural world, with habits, arts, tv, films, cartoons, ads and so on…My French is very close to native but I don’t relate very well to French culture. Their films, books, tv, papers and so on feel very distant to me. I feel way more in tune with the anglo-saxon world. Which is basically why I am very often misunderstood by French speakers and very seldom by English.

  2. Interesting to read about your international, multi-lingual life. I used to live in France and spoke good French but since moving to Italy Italian has pushed the French out… Every time I try to reimmerse myself I end up with a Fratalian muddle, ‘tutto il mondo’ etc…

  3. Hello, I encountered you page searching for “how to deal with turning 35” – as I soon will be, in a few days. Thanks for the insight.
    Surprisingly, it’s nice to read your perspective as an expat. I am a huge advocate of international and cultural awareness. My domestic partner is German, and we often think about living in Europe.
    Keep writing, and best to you!

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