1. Goodness! I’m suddenly paranoid my email will be hacked!? How terrible and have no doubt it was a massive pain in the @$$!! Glad to hear you battled valiantly against these dastardly maurading pirates and reigned victorious in the end! With a Nathanial P book to read no less. 😉

  2. Aw, poor you, suffering one cyber-space related trauma after another this summer, aren’t you?!? My fullest sympathies.
    And boils, pestilence and haemorrhoids onto all those fuckwits out there who are making innocent people’s lives a misery.

  3. I had one of my e-mail accounts hacked a while ago. Luckily, Outlook alerted me before any real harm was done. It’s a very strange feeling to know some stranger had been checking out my inane e-mails!

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