See Naples and die


There is only one solution to homeland overdosing. It’s more homeland, seen through the innocent, surprised, excited eyes of a foreigner, discovering a treasure for the first time.

So I left behind the neurotic families and escaped with The Husband for the weekend. Destination: Naples and the Amalfi coast. I get to see things through him, under a different light. The southern chaos becomes charming, the decadent buildings are monuments to romanticism, the warm breeze tells of African winds. I sort of feel like Goethe. See Naples and die.

What brought me abruptly to reality was the hotel concierge, who merrily told me that my Italian was “really, really good”.


  1. Love, love Naples and I thought my husband would too. Maybe he is too American. He loved Capri and the coast but couldn’t find anything good about Naples (other than vast amounts of pizza!)

  2. Keep looking for the beauty in your normal. That’s one of the reasons I blog to capture those moments before they get covered by the mundane and frustrating.

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