My day on Campari and Sofa

My favorite blog on earth, Campari and Sofa, asked me some time ago to write about my day for their A day in the life of series. They published it today and you can read it here.

I am flattered and grateful to have a little space on Claudia and Sue’s elegant, beautifully designed website, one of those places on the Internet where you’d just like to sit and have coffee for hours, while reading anything from art insights to life reflections, yummy recipes and delightfully posed questions on the human soul.

Campari and Sofa tells us of life after 50s and I have to credit its authors for relieving much of my stress regarding growing up. If 50s are like they describe them, then I can’t wait to get in!

Thank you Sue and Claudia, you rock!


  1. Well, don’t hurry to your 50’s just yet. But this is such a huge compliment. Our aim was to show that, once you cross over to the dreaded 50’s, you are not condemned to twin sets and pearls, velour track suits and golf. We are still here, still relevant and still having tons of fun. The wrinkles, I would be happy to lose though.

    1. I wonder whether you started a movement. Young age according to media standards ends at 39. What are we supposed to do just after? It’s the biggest taboo these days, one that deserves being broken.
      The other day I accompanied my father in law to buy pants. He’s very tall, a little on the heavy side and looks good with 50s high-waisted trousers. We searched the whole city and we couldn’t find a single pair of trousers that wasn’t tailored for a 28-years-old fitness maniac. Low waisted, slim, butt lifting pants. everywhere. I thought of you and what sofagirl wrote on Vogue’s editor in chief being 70s and yet not a single word is spent on women after 50s…

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