Modern times, modern husbands

My husband is very busy. Constantly busy, apparently.

He wants me to pass important communications via email. He won’t answer phone questions. He won’t even listen to a real life question. If I ask him if we should go somewhere on a certain date or if I should buy a new dishwasher he will just reply: send me an email.

These are modern husbands, apparently. I have a few girlfriends in the same situation. We have to write emails, send detailed excel sheets with different set of dates for vacations and cope with the “I am in a conf call!!” battle cry which signals the end of any possible interaction.

I love technology and am an actual geek when it comes to modern gadgets, revolutionary apps and that sort of stuff. But stop asking me to send emails about everyday plans. It is frustrating. 

How are husbands out there? Are there still some who would answer a regular voice question over dinner? 

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