Day: December 19, 2012

Xmas or the scariest time of the year

I didn’t mean to take such long pauses between posts but real life keeps unsettling all of my plans (but that is how it goes for everybody, isn’t it?) and Xmas time utterly complicates the task of compressing multiple lives into one. My past week dissolved itself between amazon orders, presents to family, friends and teachers, bills, dinners and other mundane occupations. It happens every year in December but I still wonder: why do people need to see each other all the time and drink and hug and wish and overeat and love this time of the year? Is it the relief of ending a year still alive and the unconscious fear of the new that pushes us together? The carols, decorations, trees and even the drinks are all very nice but they don’t justify the persistence, decade after decade, of this apparently incontrollable pulsion to human proximity.